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Custom phylogenetic synthesis

Custom synthesis

Estimating dates on phylogenies

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See Luna Luisa Sanchez-Reyes’ Open Tree with R tutorial for a very nice introduction of how to efficiently use the rotl package and DateLife for interacting with Open Tree’s web services.

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Getting a tree of all bird families
Getting a tree for GBIF records
Dating synthetic trees

Looking for conflicting phylogenetic claims

Our tree curation tool has a conflict viewer that allows you to compare a tree to the Open Tree Taxonomy or the Open Tree Synthetic tree. We are in the process of generalizing this feature so that biologists can compare any tree to any other tree. These trees will need to be mapped to the Open Tree Taxonomy.

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Our current API is documented at here

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Integrating Open Tree and GBIF

Emily Jane McTavish wrote a tutorial here covering some ways to use trees from Open Tree with geographic range data from GBIF.