Browsing Open Tree

Tree Browser is our interactive tree viewer. You can browse by the synthetic tree and leave feedback.

Click on nodes to move through the tree. If you click the “Legend” button at the top, you will get an explanation of what information the visual elements of the tree convey.

Seeing more info about a node

You can reveal the “Properties panel” by clicking on “ Show Properties” button or the “” link that appears when your mouse is over a node or branch in the tree.

The properities panel contains:

  • links to the taxon in our reference taxonomy (OTT) and other taxonomies
  • the ID of the node
  • the count of how many tips in the tree descend from the node
  • information about how to download a Newick representation of the subtree rooted at that node, and
  • information about taxonomies and phylogenies that support or disagree with that node.

Clicking on “ Hide Properties” will hide the panel so that you can see more of the tree.


If you have feedback about the relationships that you see, use the “Add Comment” button. Comments that are entered here are stored as issues in our feedback repository.

Taxonomy Browser is our browser for the Open Tree Taxonomy. That taxonomy is an input into our full synthetic tree and is used to help us align tips in different trees that refer to the same taxon.